Why do people fidget?

Why do people fidget?

Why do people fidget?

Do you find that sometimes out of nowhere you are shaking your leg? Are you sometimes at work, in a meeting, and find you have this intense desire to get out of your chair? Do you sometimes feel trapped when you are forced to sit for a long period of time?

Everyone faces a level of uneasiness at least several times a month. Even if you are the most confident person in the world, you simply cannot avoid the feelings of nervousness or being unsettled.

It may be because you have to have a confrontation that you were not expecting, or you have to speak in public, or you are going on a first date; whatever the case may be, no matter how hard you suppress it, stress or nervousness is unavoidable.

For many, when they are feeling under some sort of distress or anxiety, they tend to have a nervous tick—in most cases manifested as fidgeting. This action begins when we are young children and there are a variety of reasons why it occurs.

Today we are going to walk you through why people fidget in the first place, and various toys and tools that are available to help someone who fidgets.

Fidgeting children

We are going to start where you most frequently see cases of fidgeting—children. If you have ever been in a daycare or a kindergarten class, you know how common fidgeting is.

Sometimes it simply is because a child does not want to sit still for too long, or it could be because they just do not know what to do with their energy.

One of the main reasons a child may fidget actually has to do with medical conditions. They may have a form of autism, ADHD, or hyperactivity. Children with ADHD tend to have an excessive amount of energy and they just cannot sit still.

If they have to sit still, they are overwhelmed, and this can lead to feelings of. Imagine a child with ADHD as a can of pop that has been shaken. There is so much energy inside that it needs to be released, and their energy needs to be channeled elsewhere to get it out of their system. We will be discussing ways to help later on.

Fidgeting adults

Children are not the only people who fidget; many adults do it as well. One of the primary reasons adults may fidget is a feeling of anxiety.

Everyone struggles with anxiety at some point in their adult life, whether it is about money, a new job, or a personal relationship. A “go to” outlet for anxiety is fidgeting. It is a feeling of being unsettled, and the fidgeting is the release of that energy.

In every case, the common denominator is an excess of energy. It is that feeling that you simply cannot sit still. That the energy needs to be released.

Have you ever been somewhere, feeling anxious, and feel like you could just run a mile right then and there? That is the feeling of fidgeting, and the feeling of needing to expel your energy.

Fidgeting can also be caused by a level of boredom. Many of us have desk jobs and simply get bored during the day. This can lead to wanting to fidget as it helps stimulate the brain and get the body moving.

Ways you can help your fidgeting

Rather than shaking your leg a lot, or wanting to annoyingly click a pen, there are plenty of ways that you can help your own fidgeting or help a child. There have been plenty of “fidget” toys made on the market right now that are life savers when it comes to fidgeting because they provide an outlet for that excess energy.

Many of them need a rhythmic motion, and these motions help reduce anxiety and helps the brain to relax by allowing you to focus on the action. There are plenty of fidget toys available, and one of the most common right now is the fidget spinner.

If you get a fidget toy for your child it is definitely going to help them with fidgeting. Not only will you give your child an avenue to release the extra energy, they will now have a toy that is the hottest trend in the world right now.


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