Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve Toy Review

Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve Toy Review

Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve toy Review

If you have been following trends for the most interesting toys and gadgets, then you have probably already heard about fidget spinners. It’s currently spinning its way around the schools, playgrounds, and even the internet. It is such an interesting toy to play with; which is why more and more people are riding on this latest hype.

How can they not? These toys are absolutely irresistible and it’s very fun to play with. They come in many shapes and sizes and the designs are very fascinating.

A lot of people find it amusing but most people have no idea what is the main purpose of these toys. Fidget items are tools that are used by people who have trouble with conditions like ADHD. These toys help relieve stress and allow kids to focus more and perform better at school.

However, even though it is made for that purpose, it doesn’t mean that kids or people who don’t have these conditions cannot enjoy these items. The most popular fidget toy available is the fidget spinner.

Most people think that it’s the only type of fidget toy there is but the reality is there are quite a few other fidget toys aside from the spinner. There are fidget cubes that usually have multiple features such as silver balls, clickers, rollers, and many more.

Another fidget toy that you may have encountered in the past is a stress ball. Even bubble wraps can be considered as a fidget item since they help relieve stress and reduce anxiety for some people.

Another fidget item that you may find fascinating – although it is ideal for kids to use – is a marble fidget. It’s like the Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve toy and is also very effective in managing stress and anxiety.

Key Features

Fidget toys aren’t just spinners. There are other fidget items that can help you with anxiety and stress. Toys like the Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve toy are designed to help people cope with stress and be more productive by staying focused on whatever tasks they have at hand.

This marble fidget is very popular among kids with ADHD and a lot of parents find value in letting their kids play with it along with other fidget items.

  • Extremely versatile design
  • Made from high-density nylon for maximum durability
  • Marble Material used is 100% BPA-free
  • Well-knit and machine-washable container
  • Effective tool for reducing stress and anxiety


While most people are hyping about fidget spinners, another fidget toy that you can try to help manage your anxiety and stress levels is the Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve toy. It is a marble fidget that you squeeze in order to slide the marble from one side to another.

It is extremely satisfying to play with and people who suffer from ADHD and poor anxiety management will surely find a lot of value in this fidget toy. It is made of high quality materials and is extremely durable. The marble does not break easily and the wrapper is made of high-density nylon which is guaranteed to be 100% BPA free.

Also, the wrapper is knitted very well so the marble does not easily pop out, avoiding it from becoming a choking hazard for your children. It is a very effective tool that reduces stress and anxiety levels for those who suffer from ADD, ADHD, and OCD.

It also has therapeutic value for people who have stiff fingers and are suffering from fibromyalgia and arthritis. It’s okay even if the wrapper gets dirty because it is totally machine washable.


A lot of people, mostly kids, find it very satisfying to play with. However, the wrapper’s rough texture may not be something that other people can enjoy.


The Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve toy is not the typical fidget item that you would be looking for, especially since most people are more interested in fidget spinners. If you would like to ride that bandwagon, you can always choose to buy a fidget spinner.

But if your main purpose is to look for ways to help cope with stress and anxiety and help focus more on your tasks, the Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve toy is something that you should definitely try. It is very affordable, unlike fidget spinners which are usually expensive. It comes in several color variations, so you have the option to choose your favorite color.


The Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve toy is a very effective fidget item. But unlike the Rihachan Fidget Hand Spinner, it is not included in the latest trend.

However, if you consider the real purpose of fidget toys, this fidget stress relive toy from Vantasii is more helpful when it comes to relieving people from high levels of stress and anxiety. Also, it is a much cheaper choice than a fidget spinner.

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