The Fidget Toy Mesh and Marble Stress Reliever Review

The Fidget Toy Mesh and Marble Stress Reliever Review

The Fidget Toy Mesh and Marble Stress Reliever: A Review

Do you struggle with fidgeting? Do you find when you are stressed you begin to shake your leg or bite your nails? All of us suffer from some sort of nervous tick. No matter your level of confidence, there are times where all of us face nerves in our lives.

It may be for an important job interview, or it might be for an important date with someone you are interested in, whatever the case may be, we all have a different way of dealing with it.

If you have ADHD, or have a child with it or autism, then you know it can sometimes have a role to play in nerves. It causes shaking and also being fidgety a lot during a day.

There are many fantastic toys on the market today that have been built to calm the mind, ease anxiety, and give the hands and mind something to engage in. These toys are not just for kids, but for adults as well!

Today we are going to be taking a look at the Fidget Toy Mesh and Marble Stress Reliever. This toy was developed by IVIC, a master manufacturer of children’s toys.

It is one of the most affordable toys on the market right now to alleviate stress from any disorder you or your child might have. There is no shame in having to fidget, or if you have ADHD or autism, and having a toy to help is going to do wonders for you!


The Fidget Toy Mesh and Marble Stress Reliever is one of the most addictive fidget toys on the market. It will help you relieve stress, or keep your mind active during a boring time. It also engages your brain, helping you to focus on a task at work or in school.

This comes in a pack of 10 colorful anxiety toys that are both mesh and marble. You can counter ADHD, autism, or get rid of a bad habit such as smoking with a sensory toy like this.

The fidget marbles that come in this pack can be carried in the microfiber pouch that comes with the set. This allows you to take them to the office, or to your school, on a long road trip, or even to an intense social setting to alleviate any stress you may be feeling.

Rather than biting your nails, or shaking your knees, these marbles are fully silent and will not draw attention. They are a great release of any fidgeting that you may be experiencing.

The plastic marbles are durable and very safe to use. The seamless mesh they are made of can withstand pulling, squeezing and twisting, perfect for children and older kids alike!

It really engages your senses and makes it very safe for any child with ADHD to play with. They are also really easy to clean.

IVIC really believes in their products, and if you do not think this toy works to relieve stress, you can get it back with a full refund in 30 days—without any questions asked!


  • A lot comes in the set
  • Really works
  • Helps with fidgeting
  • Bright colors
  • Engages the senses
  • Calms the mind
  • Durable
  • Strong material
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Would be better if all of them had a hook
  • Gets a little boring

Final verdict

To be honest, these days it is hard to engage a child’s mind outside of an electronic source. Many of our children have been overly swamped with technology and they would much rather be on an iPad or iPhone.

However, the Fidget Toy Mesh and Marble Stress Reliever is a fantastic alternative and really does keep the mind at ease. What is great about it is  discrete, so if you want to keep your ADHD under wraps, no one even has to know you have them on you.

The one downside we have found with the Fidget Toy Mesh and Marble Stress Reliever is that it does get a little boring after a while. Other than that, in its prime, it is a fantastic toy to use!

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