Ralix Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube Review

Ralix Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube Review


If you have been in the loop of the latest trends in the past couple months, you would know that there’s a huge hype with fidget spinners. But contrary to what you think, they have actually been around for a while and have only risen to popularity recently.

What triggered this craze is not entirely clear, but there is no denying the fact that more and more people are becoming interested in fidget spinners. They come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and textures.

They’re made of different types of materials and they are extremely fun to play with. And while many people are fascinated with these tiny objects, there are still some who are quite unsure of what these things are for.

In fact, some of the kids who have just joined the bandwagon of fidget spinner players do not know the real purpose of these toys.

Fidget toys were created to help people – especially kids – with ADHD and those who have trouble managing anxiety and stress. These toys help people concentrate and divert energy that is otherwise spent on distracting things.

There have been quite a number of studies conducted to understand the impact of fidget toys in the minds of people with ADHD. However, while they are made for a specific purpose, it does not necessarily mean that other kids cannot play or enjoy these fidget toys.

In reality, these toys are being commercialized these days that it has become the most popular toy in 2017. And speaking of popular fidget toys, the Ralix Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube (Gray/Black) is considered a best seller.

Key Features

La Tech is quite a popular brand when it comes to gadgets and electronics. One of its recent products is this Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube.

It has received a lot of positive feedbacks which were posted in reliable product review sites. Many people are impressed by its quality, which isn’t that much surprising considering that it’s manufactured by a trusted company.

  • Extremely interesting toy, helps reduce pressure and tension
  • Effectively improves focus and attention to detail
  • Helps relieve and manage stress and anxiety
  • Ideal for both Children and Adults
  • Multiple fidgeting features
  • High quality bearings for continuous, smooth, and quiet motion
  • Very comfortable to hold and allows easy grip
  • Available in a variety of cool and fun colors
  • Has a very tactile feel


A lot of people are getting more and more interested in fidget spinners because they look cool and they’re quite popular amongst kids and teens these days. But for people who actually need these fidget toys to be able to concentrate more and get rid of their stress or anxiety, fidget cubes work a lot better.

The Ralix Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube , for example, is a highly recommended product for those who are suffering from ADHD and anxiety management. The cube itself is not entirely made of metal and it has a rubberized feel to it, which makes it even more comfortable to grip.

The texture allows easier grip and the tactile feel on the cube’s surface adds a particular sensation that some people enjoy. The high-quality materials and components of this fidget cube allow continuous, smooth, and quiet movements.

One of its highlights is the silver ball which produces a slight reverb when pressed down. It is almost similar to therapeutic vibration mechanism.

There is a clicking sound similar to that of a light switch as well. Aside from the silver ball, the cube comes with a whole lot of other features. It has a spinner, buttons, flickers, and rollers too.


This fidget cube with multiple features is extremely helpful in managing anxiety for those who have trouble doing so. However, there are a few features that could use some improvement.

The joystick would be more enjoyable if it worked as a push down clicker too. Also, the dice buttons need to behave similarly; otherwise it will just worsen the condition for people with OCD.

Colour Choices Available



There are a lot of things to love about the Ralix Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube (Gray/Black), which makes it even more special than a simple fidget spinner. It is a very effective tool in helping people with ADHD increase their concentration.

It also helps adults in relieving stress. Its cool and convenient design makes it easy for you to carry it around. For a fidget item that offers a lot of features, its price point is absolutely reasonable.


Just like the  Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve toy , the Vantasii fidget toy is not a fidget spinner but it also works effectively as a stress reliever. Both are very interesting fidget items but the Ralix Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube (Gray/Black) has a lot more to offer.

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