How to use fidget toys

How to use fidget toys

How to use fidget toys

Trying to control someone who fidgets is one of the worst things you can do. This is mostly the case with children, who seem to have a lot of energy. The first reaction by many people in authority is to yell at them to sit still, but this is not the best way to go about it.

Some people are just born with a lot of excess energy, and they have a hard time controlling it. On top of that, some people actually have conditions that make them feel the need to fidget and they simply cannot sit still. This is no hindrance for them, but just something they cannot control.

To help with the process of fidgeting, there have been numerous fidget toys on the market to help. These toys have been built to stimulate the brain in a certain way and provide an outlet for anyone who struggles with fidgeting.

Rather than shaking your leg a lot, or wanting to click a pen, fidget toys are a discrete way to channel your excess energy. So how do you use them? Which is the best one to get?

Introducing fidget toys to kids

If you have a hyperactive child, or if you child has been diagnosed with ADHD or autism, chances are they have a lot of built-up energy. This is not a bad thing, as we are all different in our own way, and can actually be a blessing.

As a parent, or a teacher, it is your job to try and find how to channel that energy into an activity. Sitting still and reading a book, which may work for some kids, definitely does not work for everyone.

The main reason is some brains are wired to always do a physical action. In this situation, fidget toys come in handy because they are built to handle this type of child.

Introduce these toys, simply as toys. Never bring up that they are “fidget toys,” but just fun games. We promise that any child is going to love playing, but you will be surprised at how many of these amazing fidget toys captivate your child.

You will find that it enhances their concentration and calms them down if they are in a state of hyperactivity. These toys are fantastic on long road trips or flights, where you need your child to be distracted from time passing slowly.

The fidget spinner

Probably the most popular fidgeting toy right now is the fidget spinner. It has become a huge sensation among kids, especially in elementary school, and almost everyone has one. We are going to walk you through how to use this fidget toy and get the most out of it.

Using one depends what size of spinner you have and what type. Larger spinners take more effort, while smaller spinners can be used with just one finger. We are going to explore the various types of spins you can do.

The flicking spin

This is one of the most common types of spins; it is also the most basic way people use their spinner. You simply grip the spinner by the buttons with your thumb and index finger.

Next you flick your ring or middle finger, making contact with the spinner. You continually do that with the flick forward motion.

The snap spin

This spin pulls back on the spinner rather than flicking forward. Just like with the flicking spin, grab it with the thumb and index finger.

Then, using your ring finger, push the body of the spinner. Use a snapping sort of motion with your ring finger towards the hand, spinning it.

Using the index finger

You can use the index finger to both spin in a forward motion and the reverse motion. In both cases, you grab the spinner with your thumb and middle finger.

Then with your index finger, you decide whether you are going to push it away or flick it forward


In any case, using the fidget spinner is a very easy task and you will get used to it in no time. The best part about fidget spinners is that they are great for both kids and adults.

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