How Do Fidget Toys Help?

How Do Fidget Toys Help?

How Do Fidget Toys Help?

Being a parent is already a great responsibility; and it’s an even bigger challenge if your child has certain conditions like Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Helping them manage this condition is an incredibly difficult task.

Fortunately, there have been extensive studies and research conducted to help people, especially kids, manage it. Medications and therapies prove to be very helpful for a lot of those who have trouble managing anxiety, ADHD, and other mental conditions.

But while these are successful methods, no one wants to be solely dependent on medications and not everyone loves going to therapies. This is where fidget toys come into the picture.

If you are the kind of person who is always in the loop with the goings-on on social media, you’d know about the latest trends. A couple of years ago it was hover boards, the last year it was all about Pokemon Go and nowadays, the hype is about fidget spinners.

A lot of people, especially the younger generation, find it fun and interesting. And since it isn’t that expensive, anyone has access to this toy.

For most of the people who have recently taken interest in fidget spinners, it is just another toy that they’d like to play and have fun with and just dispose once the craze is over. But for some people, fidget spinners are more than just toys. It’s actually a tool that helps people with conditions like ADHD.

Everything About Fidget Toys

ADHD is described as the inability of a person to sustain attention. It is also a disorder in which a person experiences an incredible amount of impulsivity and hyperactivity.

Basically, they have trouble harnessing all of that pent-up energy and properly channeling it to concentrate on a particular task. Now, how does fidget spinners fit into the equation?

Fidget spinners are just one item that falls into the category of fidget toys. There are actually other items that are created with the same function as a fidget spinner.

According to several studies conducted to help people with ADHD, fidgeting helps a great deal by increasing concentration in kids through cognitive self-regulation. Keeping the hands busy with a fidget toy helps harness hyperactivity or nervous energy, resulting in boosting one’s attention and increasing their focus.

Fidget toys are generally small in size – just enough to be comfortably held in one hand. Fidget spinners in particular have a moveable middle which can be spun. It can be played by allowing it to spin in the hand or watching it spin on a smooth surface.

Studies are still being conducted to determine how fidget toys provide the appropriate level of stimulation among people with problems managing anxiety and ADHD. While it is being observed that these items certainly help kids and adults utilize their pent-up energy in such a way that allows them to concentrate better, there’s still no definitive study about the impact of these toys on people with said conditions.

The hype

In the recent months, there has been a dramatic increase of popularity of fidget spinners amongst kids and teenagers. Since they come in all shapes and colors, kids find them very interesting. Fidget toys were created as a way to help people focus better.

However, because they have already been so commercialized, people are not completely made aware of the real purpose of these fidget items. As a result, instead of fulfilling its function, it has caused more distraction for the kids inside the classroom.

This is the reason why teachers are banning these toys in class. And while that seems to be a reasonable course of action, it has proven to be quite a dilemma for those kids who actually need them to stay focused at school.

The popularity of fidget spinners has brought awareness to others about the struggles people with ADHD and anxiety management issues go through. However, most often than not, kids are just interested in it because it’s fun to play with.

If you’re someone who has taken interest in fidget spinners just recently because of the spinner fad, you need to educate yourself about what and who it is for. Of course, no one is stopping you from reaping the benefits that these toys offer; but you owe it to the people who actually need these toys to understand its function and learn how to use it moderately.

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