Fidget Spinner vs. Fidget Cube

Fidget Spinner vs. Fidget Cube

Fidget Spinner vs. Fidget Cube

The creation of children’s toys is an industry that will never die. Since the beginning of time, it seems that children have always wanted to play. It is only natural for them to do this, and even as adults, we still have that kid like energy where we want to play.

If you want to keep a child entertained, give them a toy. It is engrained in our society to do so and if you are smart enough you will have plenty of toys available for your child.

Children are known to always want what their friends have and each year, there is some new fad to keep children entertained and engage their minds.

Do you remember “Tickle Me Elmo”? When that toy came out, it literally flew off store shelves and everyone wanted a piece of the action.

It is something that every child had and if you didn’t have one, you definitely felt left out. Flash forward a few years, and then Pokémon cards became massive in the toy industry.

Once a fad catches on it seriously spreads like wildfire, and there is no way of stopping it. After these cards came a sling of other trends such as Beyblades, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, Pogs—all fads that came and went, while some of the cards are still popular today.

Right now, there is a new trend facing our young ones, and one that is actually great for adults to try as well. These are the fidget spinner and the fidget cube.

With both being very popular these days, it is hard to know which one to get. Which one is going to satisfy your child and keep their interest the longest? We hope to answer that question today, along with others you may have!

Why fidget devices?

Many people see these fidget toys and think, “What a waste of time!” simply because they do not know the real reason behind them. Kids are not the only ones using these toys; numerous of adults do as well, and that is because many of us fidget.

Fidgeting can stem from a feeling of boredom, of extreme anxiety, or from a disorder such as ADHD or autism. These fidgeting devices have been created to stimulate the brain for a period of time, and provide an outlet for your fidgeting to decrease.

If you have a hyperactive child, and you are finding it extremely hard to calm them down, one of these fidgeting devices can be a lifesaver.

As well, if you have been in an accident, and trying to get your motor skills back, these toys may be recommended to you by your doctor or physiotherapist, as they help with hand-eye coordination.

All of us have boring days at work, and sometimes we may find it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. If you have a fidgeting toy, it actually calms the brain and gives you something to focus on. It actually gets you ready for work!

What one Is better?

So now for our main topic: the spinner vs. the cube. What is the main difference? The spinner usually comes in a triangle-like shape, and is to be used to spin between the fingers and also on a table for an extended period of time.

The cube, on the other hand, is a cube shape, and it also has the ability to spin. So, it all depends what you are looking for in this scenario.

The cube allows you to do a lot more things; you can click on the cube, move and whirl it around, and the cube gives you more options. With the cube, you can manipulate it using all five fingers, and also engage more in the play of it.

However, the spinner has a lot more to offer you in the long run. If your fingers tend to shake, it really helps you with that, and it is smaller and easier to carry around.

It is the more practical out of the two, and there are a lot more high-end options to choose from.

At the end of the day, both are great but we lean towards purchasing a fidget spinner.


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