Toys to keep my hands busy

Some of us, even though we are adults, are known to fidget a lot. The main reason for this is that we have an excess of energy that needs an outlet. Today we are going to take a look at five toys that are going to keep your hands busy, whether you are at work or at home.


EDC Rainbow Colored Alloy Gyro Tri-Fidget Spinner

This toy has a fantastic price and can be used for a child with anxiety, autism, ADHD, or ADD. This is a fidget spinner that has been made of premium zinc alloy; this ensures that it is durably made and will last a long time. Kids can sometimes be clumsy and not safe with their toys, so if they drop this one it will still work. This hand spinner runs 2-3 minutes on average spins. This is a high-speed model so its very smooth, fast and stable. 

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New Flame Red Alloy Fidget spinner with Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

One of our newest fidget spinner, which comes in a striking cool flame red, this new design is a more irregular shape compared to your standard designs, this spinner has excellent spinning performance. It has been built to be a great toy for your desk at work. It is known to improve both your focus for the day at hand, and also promote better hand-eye coordination. It provides an endless supply of tricks and the faster you learn how to effectively use it, the faster you will become a pro. 

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Aventador™ Fidget Spinner - Gold Brass

Made by The Golden Brass Stealth Aventador™ lets you spin in style with its classy & luxurious golden brass finish. At Stealth Spinners, we believe you deserve a precision machined EDC spinner designed for high performance, comfort and beauty.

You'll be staring at this gorgeous piece of art for days, admiring the sleek and aggressive construction.

Do you love hand & finger spinners that spin for ages? Our timed spins have clocked in at 4-7 minutes.

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Best Bronze Fidget Spinner Toy

This toy is made out of premium bronze copper. This ensures that it hard and durable, which makes it able to last a long time. There are no sharp edges on this spinner, so your fingers will never hurt. This makes it extra safe for kids to use as well. This toy also has a long spin time, and is going to work a long time. Its Super durable bronze finger spinner! It is the top fidget spinner device for your entertainment and amusement which spins fast, smoothly, and constantly!

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Fidget Toy Mesh and Marble Stress Reliever

This is an addicting toy that comes in a set of 12 colorful anti-anxiety toys that are both mesh and marble. The fidget marbles that come in this pack can be carried in the microfiber pouch that comes with the set. This allows you to take them to the office, or to school, on a long road trip, or even to an intense social setting to alleviate any stress you may be feeling.

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