B2™ Fidget Spinner – Black Brass Review

B2™ Fidget Spinner – Black Brass Review


Do you find that when you are on the job, or at school, that you fidget a lot? Are you finding that you are highly stressed at work, and need something to calm you down? For many of us, this is sadly the case. For many who struggle with ADHD, ASD or Anxiety disorder, this can be especially difficult.

Today we are going to be taking a look at a toy that is meant to relieve the stress of the day, and get your brain focused in order to accomplish more work. While you may shake your head at the word “toy” you will be surprised at what a little playing can do throughout your day.

The product we are reviewing today is the B2™ Fidget Spinner – Black Brass.

So, here’s the thing; for the past year or so, hand spinners have become a new sensation. If you have a child, we are sure they have begged you for a spinner at some point during the past year. Almost every child in elementary school has one.

The B2™ Fidget Spinner – Black Brass is one of the more high-end versions of the hand spinner toy, and may just be the perfect one for an adult. With that being said, let’s dive into the features and see what it has to offer.


The B2™ Fidget Spinner – Black Brass is Silent and powerful like a stealth bomber, the Black B2™ spinner flies true like its namesake.. The whole body is made of titanium the bearings are made of metal brass bearings, ensuring you get the greatest spinning gyroscope possible

This is a very fast and efficient spinner, which is also very stable. It has an average spin time of 4-5 plus minutes. The design is both compact and lightweight, and you can easily carry it into your pocket to take mobile.

This spinner is great for calming anxiety, helping you stay awake, and to take your mind off things. The B2 is a silent spinner, and the rhythmic motion of it is going to calm you from any of your cravings. This spinner has been carefully engineered so weighting maximises the torque and spin times while retaining its sleek lines.


  • 4-5 minute spin time
  • Black gun metal finish brass
  • Elite R188 Bearings
  • 64 mm width
  • 6 mm blade thickness
  • 2.5 oz. (72 g) of electroplated brass
  • Easily removable bearings with screw cover
  • Speed finger pads (some have laser logo for texture/grip)


  • Very expensive when compared to others


Final verdict

If you are looking for one of the most high-end spinners on the market, then the B2™ Fidget Spinner – Black Brass is going to be the one for you. You’ll spend many hours admiring the mysterious black finish while softly caressing the curves and machined detailed texture.

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