Aventador™ Fidget Spinner – Gold Brass Review

Aventador™ Fidget Spinner – Gold Brass Review


Whether you’re a kid at school or an adult who’s always in the loop for the latest trends, you have probably heard about fidget spinners – that’s if you don’t already own one. A couple of years ago, it was all about hover boards.

Last year, the trend was about Pokemon Go. This year, fidget spinners are known as the newest ‘in’. For a lot of people, it is nothing but a fun and exciting toy to play with. These fidget spinners come in a lot of designs, shapes, sizes and are made of several types of materials.

More and more people are becoming interested with the latest fad brought about by these adorable little toys. But, as popular as they are today, not everyone knows exactly what these spinners are for.

Contrary to what most people think, it is not like a yo-yo or a Beyblade that are merely toys created solely for people’s amusement. Fidget toys are created to help people, especially kids, with ADHD – or anyone who has trouble managing stress and anxiety.

People who suffer from the mentioned conditions are often easily distracted and are unable to focus on a particular task at hand. Fidget toys are especially helpful for kids who are having trouble concentrating at school.

There are several different designs for these toys – some have cubic and spherical shapes. But the one that has gained a lot of popularity amongst kids and teens alike are fidget spinners like the . It is considered a best-seller and has received a lot of positive feedbacks from avid spinners.

Key Features

There are thousands of fidget spinners models available in the market, but only a few really made a mark amongst avid players. The Aventador™ Fidget Spinner – Gold Brass is one of these models and it certainly has a unique design that made it stood out.

Aside from its clever and interesting design, it also has an impressive set of features that make it even more popular.

  • 4-7 Minute Spin Time
  • Gorgeous Gold Brass Fidget Spinner
  • High Quality R188 Bearings
  • 64 mm Width
  • 6 mm Blade Thickness
  • 3.3 oz. (95 g) of Electroplated Brass
  • Easily Removable Bearings with Screw Cover
  • Comfortable Finger Pads

The Golden Brass Aventador™ weighs almost 3.5 ounces for that substantial and solid feeling you won’t forget. Your hands will feel naturally comfortable touching the smooth edges and intricate details.


High-quality fidget spinners usually come at a very expensive price. The Aventador™ Fidget Spinner – Gold Brass, however, is a reasonably priced spinner that can easily be mistaken for a branded product.

It has a unique and futuristic design that makes it look cool and exciting. But aside from its fascinating appearance, the fidget spinner also utilizes a low-friction technology that makes its high-performance bearings rotate at a high speed.

It spins really fast and for an extended time. This fidget spinner has an average spinning time of 4-7 minutes. It has just the right weight that makes it sustain the spin for a longer time.

And because of its well-designed bearings, it spins smoothly and quietly. This is a low-maintenance fidget spinner which does not require repairs and oils to continue spinning.

And since it is very durable, you’d be able to get the most out of your money’s value. It is very effective when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety and also helps people who have trouble focusing to concentrate better. Its most popular color variant is gold, but it also comes in silver and black.


The Aventador™ Fidget Spinner – Gold Brass  is such a good fidget toy that the only negative thing that can be said about it is that it is more expensive than regular fidget spinners.


Whether your purpose for getting a spinner is to help you focus and be more productive with your tasks or just to have something exciting to play with, the Aventador™ Fidget Spinner – Gold Brass is an excellent product to choose.

If James Bond had a vodka martini in one hand and a spinner in the other, we’d bet money that it would be the Aventador. “Spun, not stirred.”

It may be a more expensive than the regular fidget spinner models that you can find in the market, but it has quality that is certainly worth more than its price. The design is unique and clever. It is durable and has a nice and long spin to it. A spinner like this will surely give you a bang for your buck.


The Aventador™ Fidget Spinner – Gold Brass is known for its amazing quality and unique design. Another fidget spinner with a unique design that you can find in the market is the Rihachan Fidget Hand Spinner. The most obvious difference between the two is their price.

XDesign is worth about two times the price of the Yomaxer Bat Shaped Fidget Spinner. But if you compare the quality of the two, the XDesign is definitely five times better than the Yomaxer spinner.

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