Gizmonatics is part of a project ran in the UK by Sonny Hawkins called AMHA | Autism Mental Health Awareness. The purpose of AMHA is to raise a more accurate awareness about those on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD), those who have Mental illnesses, and a special emphasis on those with comorbid conditions alongside their Autism.

Our hope through educating the public, is to make positive change to end the misunderstandings / misconceptions which in turn battle the current stigma attached to Autism and Mental Health, and hopefully encourage more openness and honest discussion about people’s own difficulties and seek earlier intervention no matter what age, gender or ethnic background they come from.

To find out more, please visit our website amha.org.uk


Gizmonatics is our first store dedicated to Fidget Toys, or Sensory Toys.  We purely created this site to make it easier to find sensory toys and source them from Amazon.  We have also created reviews to help you find a suitable toy, aswell as offer advice for those new to using sensory toys suchas Fidget Spinners. Our hope is to expand our range and include other types of toys and venture out into weighted blankets, sensory equipment and clothing.


Why do people fidget?

Gizmonatics directly funds AMHA to ensure we can continue our hard work to raise awareness and end the stigma attached to Autism and Mental Health.

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