Children are naturally full of energy that sometimes you wonder how it’s possible for them to spend like 80% of the day playing. However, for some kids, that is not always the case. There are kids who have way more energy than an average child; or perhaps they have trouble utilizing their energy that they tend to be hyperactive and unable to sustain attention.

Kids like this are identified to experience a mental condition called Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. As a parent, it can be challenging to help your child manage this condition.

Fortunately, there has been extensive research conducted to further understand people with ADHD and better identify their needs. One of the most effective methods that help kids with ADHD increase concentration is using fidget items.

Before fidget toys were even a thing, some specialists have already recommended other ways of diverting excess energy in order to help people who have trouble managing stress and anxiety. In fact, you might have done or are still doing some of them.

You might be familiar with one or two of these fidgets; although the following are more appropriate for kids:

Doodling and Coloring

Giving your child the tools for them to write and draw while listening to a lecture is an excellent way to keep them occupied. Aside from keeping them busy by allowing them to do something they would surely enjoy, it is also another way to bring out their creative side.

Even adults can benefit from it as well. In fact, a lot of adults enjoy this kind of fidget as much as the kids do. This has brought about the popularity of adult coloring books, which is still a trend these days.


Kids who tend to tune out conversations and start getting restless while being spoken to need help sustaining a conversation. An effective way to do that is by walking and talking. It’s doing a non-strenuous activity while talking to your child.

Activities like playing catch, baking, or even doing puzzles together can help them focus on your discussion.

Chewing candy or gum

While a lot of kids with ADHD are not usually allowed to have sweets because it tends to increase their hyperactivity, there are hard candies which have low sugar content and are still enjoyable for the kids. Letting them chew gum or suck on a hard candy like a lemon drop will help them concentrate for extended period.

This is especially handy when they’re studying for a test or doing their homework.

Keeping the hands busy

Another way to facilitate focus from kids with ADHD or even those people with anxiety issues is by letting them use or ‘play’ with fidget items. These things can be any tiny object that you would be comfortable carrying around.

Fidget toys come in many shapes, sizes, and textures. Read on and you’ll be able to learn more about them.

How do Fidget Toys work?

Children who seem to be distracted all the time and have trouble putting their focus in one task at a time have found fidget toys to be extremely helpful. It allows them to stay calm and focus better through cognitive self-regulation.

Normally, kids with ADHD can’t stay seated in their chair and are often distracted by a lot of things in their environment. This affects their learning process because they can’t focus on their teacher.

But with the help of fidget toys, they can keep their hands busy and channel all that pent-up energy to that tiny fidget toy in their hand. As a result, they become less distracted and are able to focus more during class.

Looking closely at what fidget toys can do, here’s a list of ways on how these toys help those with anxiety issues and ADHD.

It enhances concentration

It has already been mentioned that the primary purpose of a fidget toy is to help people concentrate better. But how exactly does it do that?

According to some studies conducted on the impact of fidget toys to help people improve their focus, instead of spending your energy while being distracted by other factors in your environment, it brings your attention back to that tiny piece of toy in your hand, thereby making sure that your concentration is not broken.

It helps relieve stress

For someone with ADHD and anxiety problem, staying focused on one task can be extremely challenging. Even regular people who are having a tough day at work or a student who is preparing for an upcoming exam can experience the same stress.

Fidget toys help you blow off some steam and redirect all that negative energy into something that you can spin, click, flip, roll, or twist.

It improves your ability to process information

The main struggle among kids with ADHD is that they easily get distracted. It proves to be a challenge for their brain to arrange the dedicated regions for critical thinking and creativity to work accordingly.

As a result, they have trouble establishing good communication, expressing their ideas, and expanding their skill set. Fidget toys allow them to channel their energy properly, making it easier for them to focus on their teacher or pay more attention in class.

Fidget toys are typically small and can be held comfortably in one hand. It needs to be quiet so as not to distract other people, particularly other students, in the room.

They come in different shapes and designs, which is why a lot of people are becoming interested in these toys. If you are interested in getting one but you’re having trouble choosing which particular toy you’d be comfortable with the most, here are some things that you need to know about picking a high-quality fidget spinner.

  • If you want a spinner that’s quiet, smooth, and can spin for a long time, look for one that uses R188 bearings. Also, spinners with center bearing made of ceramics usually have the smoothest spin.
  • If it’s the longest spin that you want, try spinners made of Aluminum alloy.
  • Spinners with steel ball bearings are usually more affordable than other spinners but they are also less durable.
  • For spinners that you can do tricks with, you can try tri-spinners. These are heavier and slower than other metal spinners but they have been designed such that they’re precision-balanced, allowing you to do tricks with them.
  • Avoid spinners with large holes or center bearing because they make loud noise.
  • You can choose spinners with glow-in-the-dark features and interesting shapes if you want to turn them into collectibles.

Whatever your purpose for getting a fidget toy may be, there are hundreds of different styles and shapes that you can choose from.





Ralix Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube (Gray/Black)  £  3.9/5
ATESSON Fidget Spinner Toy  ££  4.2/5
Yomaxer Bat Shaped Fidget Spinner £  3.1/5
Aventador™ Fidget Spinner – Gold Brass £££  4.9/5
  Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve toy  £  4.3/5
 Nomad Fidget Spinner Pro Q1 – Quality R188 High Speed Bearings – Durable Concave Buttons – Stress Relief Toy – Carbon  £££  4.7/5
 High-Speed Fxexblin Fidget Spinner  £  4.1/5
TYZEST Spinner Fidget High Speed Precision toy  £££  4.0/5
Six Sided Metallic Fidget Spinner Toy  ££  4.0/5
 Captain America fidget spinner  ££  4.7/5

If you still don’t have an idea which fidget toy to use, here are five products that you should totally check out.


Ralix Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube

If you are interested in having a fidget toy and you’d like to get the most value out of your money, choose the Ralix Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube. Playing with this fidget cube is like playing with 5 others.

There are several things that you can do with it because it has more than one feature. It has a rather convenient and exciting design, ideal for people who are suffering from conditions like AD, OCD, and ADHD. You can completely ride the bandwagon and get a fidget spinner, but you’ll get more value from a fidget cube like this one


  • Unique and exciting design
  • Effectively reduces stress and anxiety levels
  • Ideal for people with ADHD and anxiety issues
  • Comfortable rubberized grip
  • Tactile feel and satisfying texture
  • Designed for smooth and quiet movements
  • Sports a silver ball with therapeutic vibration mechanism
  • Multiple features include buttons, flickers, and rollers

Things to look out for

  • Joystick could use a push down clicker
  • Buttons don’t behave uniformly

Bottom line

While everyone else is busy with the fidget spinner hype, you can always try other fidget items such as this Ralix Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube. It is made from really high-quality materials and it sports a very clever design.

It is not just a spinner – it has several other features that make it a much better option than a fidget spinner. That’s also the reason why it has earned such a high rating from customers who have posted their feedbacks online.

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ATESSON Spinner Fidget EDC ADHD Focus Toy

There are hundreds of different brands for fidget spinners that can be found in the market but only a few can be trusted to deliver high-quality products. ATESSON is an example of a reliable brand. It has continuously produced very good quality toys and other electronic gadgets and the ATESSON Spinner Fidget EDC ADHD Focus Toy is one of its popular creations.

This fidget toy has a well-thought out design and it is very effective in relieving stress and anxiety from those who have problem doing so. It has a very unique design and its colour scheme makes it look like a high-end fidget spinner brand.


  • High-quality and Reliable fidget spinner
  • Guaranteed 100% high-quality Red copper material
  • Unique and expensive-looking design
  • Smooth and soft texture
  • Designed for longer spins, with a range of 3-8 minutes
  • High-performance bearing made of hybrid ceramic and stainless-steel
  • Impressive rotation and spinning mechanism
  • Helps reduce anxiety and stress
  • Aids in increasing concentration

Things to look out for

  • There’s a slight squeal due to metal-metal contact
  • A little bit heavier than other spinners

Bottom line

ATESSON has certainly established a reputation as one of the most reliable brands to produce exciting and well-thought out designs for toys and some electronic gadgets. The ATESSON Spinner Fidget EDC ADHD Focus Toy is one of its most clever creations.

It is also considered as a best seller because a lot of avid spinners are impressed with the quality and features of this spinner. It looks futuristic and durable – it can almost be mistaken for a high-end model.

It makes use of high quality materials to achieve faster and longer spins. Not only does it look good and expensive, it also does what a fidget spinner is actually made to do – all for a very reasonable price.

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Yomaxer Bat Shaped Fidget Spinner

If you are an avid fan of superhero characters, especially DC comics, you will definitely love the batman design of this fidget spinner. The Yomaxer Fidget Spinner sports a rather familiar design that a lot of children will surely love.

Why own just a regular spinner when you can have one that is designed as your favourite superhero character? It can be something you can add to your collectables.

And for those who don’t have a lot of cash to spare for a fidget toy, this product is very budget-friendly and is available for less than ten bucks.


  • Very unique batman-inspired design
  • Available in several color variants
  • Good quality plastic material used for construction
  • Extremely lightweight design, easy to carry around
  • Spins for an average of 2-3 minutes
  • Ideal for people who are looking for stress reliever fidget toys

Things to look out for

  • Extremely lightweight and cannot sustain longer spins
  • Noisy while spinning
  • Material made of plastic, not as durable as you’d expect it to be

Bottom line

Yomaxer is a known brand that manufactures toys and other electronic gadgets. It is also popular for the interesting designs of its products, like the Yomaxer Fidget Spinners batman design.

It is very appealing to kids and even some adults who are avid fans of the iconic superhero. It has several flaws in its overall design, but considering the price that it comes at, it is still a decent quality fidget spinner.

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Aventador™ Fidget Spinner – Gold Brass Review

If your purpose in getting a fidget spinner is more than just having it for the sake of being in-the-trend, you absolutely need one that will last long and not just a temporary toy. If that’s the case, you need a reliable and high-quality spinner like the Aventador™ Fidget Spinner – Gold Brass.

It’s one of the most durable fidget spinners you can find in the market. This spinner is manufactured using guaranteed high-quality materials and it is very effective in reducing levels of stress and anxiety to whoever uses it.


  • 4-7 Minute Spin Time
  • Gorgeous Gold Brass Fidget Spinner
  • High Quality R188 Bearings
  • 64 mm Width
  • 6 mm Blade Thickness
  • 3.3 oz. (95 g) of Electroplated Brass
  • Easily Removable Bearings with Screw Cover
  • Comfortable Finger Pads

Things to look out for

  • Much more expensive than regular fidget spinners

Bottom line

Fidget spinners are the most popular toys and are in demand these days. They are available in hundreds of different designs – shapes, sizes, styles, materials.

You can choose which one is more ideal for you according to your purpose of buying. If it’s mainly for keeping up with the trend, then a cheaper, temporary fidget spinner will do.

However, if you plan on using it for a longer time to help you deal with your anxiety issues and stress at work, you need something that is more permanent and durable like the Aventador™ Fidget Spinner – Gold Brass.

It has a very futuristic aggressive look which is very interesting to look at. It may be a little pricier than other spinners, but it is certainly worth every penny.

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Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve toy

Fidget spinners may be the most trending toys right now, but there are other effective, more helpful fidget items that you can use. One example is the Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve toy.

It doesn’t spin like the fascinating fidget spinners but it sure works well in terms of increasing your ability to focus and concentrate on specific tasks. It has a rather unique design and it’s not something that you can usually see people are fidgeting with.

However, it certainly is very effective and is satisfying to play with. You don’t have to spend a lot in order to manage your stress and anxiety just as you would when you buy a fidget spinner.


  • Helps in managing anxiety and stress levels
  • Extremely satisfying fidget toy
  • Ideal for people with ADHD and poor anxiety/stress management
  • Uses high-quality materials for added durability
  • Made of high-density, 100% BPE-free nylon
  • Marble wrapper is secured so as to avoid being choking hazard for kids
  • Has therapeutic properties recommended for those suffering from fibromyalgia and arthritis
  • Machine-washable

Things to look out for

  • The wrapper has a rather rough texture which may not be a pleasing sensation that some people can enjoy

Bottom line

Fidget toys come in hundreds of different styles and shapes. The most popular among these items may be the fidget spinners, but there are other items that offer the same benefits for a way cheaper price.

Vantasii Fidget Stress Relieve toy is a marble fidget that works almost similar to that of bubble wrap. It is a very satisfying fidget toy for those who are not bothered by its rough texture.

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